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Be Comfy AF.


If you're anything like us, you want to live your life out peacefully in a pair of shorts. Pants are cumbersome, binding, and interrupt your hustle and flow.  We developed Polar Shorts to solve the issue of wanting to wear your shorts in cooler weather and emancipate yourself from trouser slavery

Polar Shorts can be worn anywhere from the city streets to the cooler elevations of the mountainside. We had you in mind when we created our shorts. Polar Shorts are a necessity during cool weather months, sporting some of the world's most comfortable micro fleece. We believe these features are essential in the perfect pair of shorts. 

Our shorts were designed and created with your comfort in mind. We began by starting with a fleece interior that is soft and luxurious and just feels good against your skin. The fleece is also fast drying and is an untreated fabric without toxic chemical treatments. We added extra large pockets that are durable, wind proof, and can handle any Smart Phone. Then came the technical pieces, a strong and reliable zipper, a removable belt, and finally a gusseted crotch that was designed to stretch and provide an enormous range of motion.

But the fun didn't stop there. Functionality is great, but they needed to look good too! With two different options to choose from, either Khaki or our popular Leopard print, you can be sure that people are staring at you for the right reason! Our testimonials told us right away that these options were the best choices!

These shorts were designed for everyone and can be worn virtually anywhere, however we encourage you to not pair them up with a dress short and tie, dress shoes, or wear them to an appointment with Corporate America - these are the people that would keep us in pants all year round.

Break free from the pant-wearing cycle - join the revolution, find freedom and keep your shorts on!